Sister Marie Laurence

About the Sr. Marie-Laurence Primary School





The Sister Marie Laurence School was founded in 1988. Six groups of the St. Joseph school were designated as the new Sister Marie Laurence School, named after the reverend sister who served Catholic Education on Sint Maarten for so many years. At first the school shared the premises of the St. Joseph school, but after a six years the long awaited new school in Middle Region was ready.

The construction of a school in the Middle Region area was not an easy feat. School and School Board  went through some tough times due to the fact there was no land available to build on.

Finally we were so far and found the family of Mr. Vacquelin Conner (former Island Secretary) willing to lease the School board a piece of land on the Middle Region Road to build the school on. We honoured the wish of the family and named the primary school after Sister Marie Laurence and named the kindergarten school after one of our local nuns namely Sister Modeste Conner.

On the 23rd of February 1994 the school moved from the old building in Front street to the new building in Middle Region. With the completion of the multi purpose playground next to the school the Sister Marie Laurence School stretched out her arms to her neighbors. The school gave back a ball field to the youth years ago.

Many people came together to make this dream a reality. Special mention went out to the Juliana Welzijn Fonds for their financial contribution and Mr. Henri Brookson for realization of this project. 

In 1998 Mr. Henri Brookson together with his team started the implementation of a new concept ‘Experiential Education’. The team took a week out from their busy working schedule and was off to Holland for training in this new concept. Teachers as well as students were very excited about the new concept.

As the group returned Mr. Brookson was called top the office of minister plenipotentiary in the Netherlands. For two years Mrs. Duana Richardson lead the school, followed by Mrs. Lilia Aventurin-Hodge and Mrs. Vivian Roberts. At present Mrs. Karen Wattley is leading our school, which not only houses  the regular 8 FBE groups, but also caters to the needs of the community school and the IE program.