The main goal of the Foundation for Catholic Education is:

To have the interest of education and upbringing at heart in accordance with the Roman Catholic Faith.



Our Roman Catholic schools are committed to quality education to meet the needs of the modern child.

Staff members of the Foundation Catholic Education are dedicated to the development of each individual student’s potential. Our schools aim to educate intellectually, spiritually, socially, emotionally and physically.

With Experimential Education, the student will be taught both the cognitive and the affective skills needed to become effective world citizens. The child will learn to discover knowledge for him/herself, to solve problems, to be a critical reader and thinker, to develop a healthy curiosity and to be open minded.

The child will be encouraged to give witness to his/her faith by his/her own way of life.

Our aim is to form pupils with a social conscience, a desire for racial justice, compassion for those who suffer, and zeal for common goal.

The school assumes this responsibility in cooperation with the child’s primary educators, the parents, the community and the parish.


Mission Statement Catholic Schools

The Mission of the Catholic School is; Commitment to strive and motivate each child to achieve according to his/her ability, by creating a loving and privileged environment, where learning can be enjoyable, meaningful and a challenging experience.