Welcome to the Foundation Catholic Education St.Maarten

The Foundation Catholic Education Sint Maarten is proud to welcome you on its website. The website is a stepping portal towards quality Catholic education on Sint Maarten. With its 6 schools for Foundation Based Education and 1 secondary school, the Foundation provides education for more than 2000 students on Sint Maarten. On our website you will get to meet the persons behind this great organization. You will be informed about the Vision and Mission of the foundation. You will also be briefly introduced to our 7 schools with a link to their website to better get to know each one of them individually. In our welcome we express the wish that we will meet you more often at our site. 

May the Good Lord bless you, our foundation and our schools with good health and prosperity.

First Sunday of Advent

Students and teachers of the seven Catholic Schools on the Dutch side of St. Maarten celebrated the First Sunday of Advent 2016 in the various services throughout the weekend. Donned in their School uniform the Advent message was well received by the students and teachers. Advent, the period before Christmas in which we prepare for the coming of baby Jesus, is a time to reflect. By celebrating together the teachers and students showed they are serious in their preparation for the birth of Jesus.

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SXM Day 2016 in the schools

St. Maarten's day was celebrated in all Catholic Schools on Thursday November 10. Each school had their own way in celebrating the name day of our island. Members of the Board went to some of the schools to experience the joy of the celebration. In their pictures you too can enjoy the enthusiasm of the students and teachers. Please click the picture for more.